TransSpoof FAQ

Secrets of TransSpoof Revealed!

Q) Your spectacularly designed site intrigues me. How can I contact you?

A) Email us at (That's 2 s's, folks!).

Q) How can I order your hilarious Transformers Parody Comic?

A) Go here!

Q) What the heck is a TransSpoof anyway?

A) TransSpoof is an ongoing comic book series that tells Transformers stories with a comedic slant. We have produced eight issues so far and they sell well at BotCon and through normal mailings. The first issue came out in 1994 and we've been averaging about an issue a year since. TransSpoof follows the continuity established in the U.S. cartoon and American comic books. We draw heavily from Simon Furman's excellent run on the American comic book series and have developed a bit of our own continuity. Which is not to say that you'll find Prime fighting dinosaurs, our book is deeply rooted in established continuity and tries to capture the strong storytelling of the Furman/Wildman run with an added dose of humor.

Q) So, it's like Mad Magazine for Transformers?

A) No, think of it more as a version of the American comic series that doesn't take itself too seriously. The book isn't merely a series of gags, we have a strong ongoing storyline that adapts the Transformers mythology.

Q) An issue a year?!! You're not going to go under are you?

A) We're committed to this book and have plans to continue it indefinitely. We've done it on the side as a labor of love for next to no profit through high school and college and will continue on for the foreseeable future. We hope to produce issues faster and offer new material through the site.

Q) Would my girlfriend/boyfriend who isn't into Transformers enjoy your book?

A) I'm sure he/she would. Our book appeals to anyone who likes to laugh and though it is a Transformers fanzine, the humor isn't always Transformers specific. We have satire, cheap gags, heartwarming friendships, action-packed battle sequences, tasty snacks, and even superheroes in issue two!

Q) Look, I'm still reading! Could you tell me a little about the characters?

A) Sure. Prime is a bit like Homer Simpson by way of the Tick. He loves Earth food and popular culture. Prowl is the levelheaded second in command who keeps Prime in check. Megatron is very maniacal, even more than you know him to be. Cliffjumper is a goofy kid, Beachcomber's a hippie, Brawn is a tough guy with an attitude, Cosmos likes sci-fi. Those are just a few of the characters we've used. New ones pop up every issue, so you're sure to see one of your favorites.

Q) Do you take submissions?

A) Sorry, no. But we do like to get fan art and we may end up printing some of it. Just please buy the book as well.

Q) My god, I'd be a fool not to buy TransSpoof!

A) That's not a question, but you're right.

Q) How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?

A) Prime knows. And he may tell you if you buy an issue!

Any more questions? Contact us at

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