Prime's News - January 2001

Aw, the winter Earth months. My favorite time of year. Snow falling, skiing, the Golden Globe Awards. This time of year I like to curl up with a hot mug of cocoa or apple cider and read some good comic books. Sometimes I'll read old issues of my Marvel series. (Just read the issue with my pal Spidey. He never calls me anymore, big-shot movie star!) Or maybe some Batman, or the Incredible Hulk. (Such an angry fellow). But my favorite comic of all is TransSpoof. Oh, I get such a chuckle from it. Nick and Tim have done the best portrayal of me. I was so stiff and rigid in the old cartoons and comics. No one ever got to see my jovial side! I love Earth food and entertainment! And now I have my own website. The Web is great, hours of fun. I can download my favorite tunes and search for great recipes. Captain Crunch encrusted chicken? Don't mind if I do!

Uh oh, I'd better go. Megatron is up to his old schemes again, threatening to blow up the Hoover Dam. He needs a taste of my laser rifle. Oh, and my chocolate chip cookies are done!

Take care everyone and stay warm. See you in TransSpoof!

-Optimus Prime, with help from Nick Nadel

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