Prime's News - July 2004

"Betwixt Two Cons"

Ha! You probably thought the title of this news update referred to some valiant Autobot caught in the sites of two vile Decepticons! Well, you'd be wrong! Our double-meaninged title in fact refers to this most exciting of times after one big Transformers convention and before another. I was on hand to help dealer Tim Finn sell copies of the brand new "TransSpoof: The 1980s Special" at BotCon, and was thrilled with his performance as Atex, the Auto-Exterminator in the live script reading that Saturday night. Tim thinks he didn't put enough oomph into it, he was nervous about making a mistake. I keep telling him that was the fun part of the script reading. Like when Mr. Peter Cullen started talking in Japanese. Didn't sound a thing like me, though.

Anyhoo, I'll also be at OTFCC to help publisher and artist (and budding voice actor, it seems) Finn sell more copies of TransSpoof new and old. For those of you wondering just what this strange "TransSpoof: The 1980s Special" is, it's 20 pages of hilarious art and 10 pages of even more hilarious advertisements. It could be called the lost issue of Marvel's TRANSFORMERS series, circa 1985---TransSpoof style!

For those of you wondering where TransScribe Nick Nadel is, fear not, he is still kicking around. Nick's quite busy this summer, and unable to attend any con that's not within New York City limits. But for those of you who want a special dose of Nick-humor, here's something that was topical two years ago, and is quite topical again...

"Unraveling the Tangled Web"

See you in Chicago!


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