Prime's News - July 2002

Howdy readers!

Just a quick note before I head off to the airport to hop a plane bound for Ft. Wayne. Our new site is now officially launched and ready for your purusing pleasure. Perceptor and Wheeljack had a doozy of a time setting up all this complicated tech-code. Good thing human friend Sara Allen came to their rescue. Thanks, Sara!

If you're also attending BotCon, be sure to look for the bespectacled Tim Finn handing out 1000 copies of the brand new TransSpoof 10th Anniversary Special/BotCon 2002 Freebie! That's right, one copy for every two attendees!

If you don't make it to the con, we'll add the new freebie to this site soon. In the meantime, enjoy our original freebie in the "Free Issue" section.

I'll have a BotCon report after I return, so be sure to keep checking back here.

One last thing. You may be wondering why I'm jetting on a commercial plane instead of riding on the back of Autobot Warrior Powerglide, or spinning out of control on the happy-go-lucky Cosmos. The truth is everyone's on summer vacation, and none of the flyers are here to take me to the toy convention. What timing!

-Optimus Prime

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