Prime's News - June 2002

Wheeewwww! It's hot in here! Inferno, turn down the heat, good buddy! Where's Megatron with his evil freeze ray when you need it?

How is everyone? Hope your summer is going well. Just thought I'd mention some exciting TransSpoof news. Tim and Nick and Andrew have produced a hilarious "TransSpoof Summer Fun Special" exclusively for BotCon. And, get this, it's FREE! Can you believe it? Several pages of hilarity for absolutely nothing! You can't find a deal like that anywhere! Well, one time I bought four ice cream sandwiches for a nickel, but they had been slightly eaten by Ironhide.

Feel free to browse through all 8 issues featuring me (and everyone else). All are hilarious, really. I've read them all. Well, skimmed. Okay, looked at the covers. We'll have news about upcoming issues and specials soon, but for now be sure to get your free comic at Botcon and enjoy our back issues. And stay cool! Cool as in temperature, that is! Take care.

-Optimus Prime

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